Write or Guest Post for Martial Arts Lab

At Martial Arts Lab, we are more than happy to receive press releases, guest posts, shared stories by allowing our visitors to write for us. Although before sending your article, please make sure it meets our guidelines.

Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post:

  • Every article has to be related to martial arts. Read our site to get a sense for the type of topics we publish.
  • Make sure your content is unique. We cannot accept articles that have already been published somewhere else.
  • Aim for 600-1,000 words. Minimum 500 words are required.
  • Have good grammar, free of typos and punctuation errors.
  • Split your story into smaller sections with suitable subheaders so it is easier to consume.
  • Include your 1-2 sentence bio at the bottom of your post.
  • If you think you can follow these guidelines, pitch your idea before you write a massive guest post. We don’t want you to spend hours writing if we can’t publish your post.

Our email : [email protected]

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