Martial arts offer different training from weight lifting to cardio to strength training. These exercises get you in shape and martial arts on the other end improve your skills. While there are many benefits of learning martial arts from physical and mental health to self-defense and confidence, but here we will focus on why you should make it a part of your daily routine. Mainly making it a part of your routine for fitness!


Most of us do desk jobs where we sit all day at a chair and watch the screen. This causes back pain, muscle and neck pain along with many others. The workouts and exercises that you will be doing will help improve your posture and repair or at least help repairing the damaged caused in those working hours. If you are doing some other exercise like gym or weight training then keep on doing so, just make sure you are wearing proper clothes like workout T-shirts, tanks, joggers etc. Or you can try martial arts for a change!


Combination of upper and lower body moves with the core; martial arts training is one of the best ways to gain strength all over the body. This improves the body physically, helps build confidence, and lets you deal with alarming situations better i.e. better self-defense.

Balance plus flexibility

Standing on one leg and doing a front kick is a basic case of balance and flexibility gained from martial arts training. Martial arts will help you develop those skills so don’t worry at all if you don’t have it.

Physical and mental health

Weight loss or gain martial arts training is for both along with mental health. All the training and routine that it takes you from daily is focused to make a person fit and active mentally and physically. Improved stamina and clear active mind are result of martial arts.

Getting started

First thing is to identify what martial arts you are interested in let’s say you choose Muay Thai, next you must find a gym (school etc.), trainer, and a class that suits your goals. Then buy your Muay Thai gear and start training. For all this you can ask your friends or just search online for some specified martial arts school. Most of them offer free first class so you can always change if you done like it. Talk to your trainer if there is any problem or maybe go to the school or gym owner. Most of the time they are understanding and cooperative. Martial art is a full body and mind workout that improves mental and physical health. Following are recommended ones.


Karate is well known for its exercises that are equally good for physical as well as mental ability improving the agility and flexibility. Karate is one of the most famous martial arts mostly because of the films made on it.

Why to Make Martial Arts Part of Your Fitness Plan

Kung Fu

Karate and Kung Fu are often mixed. Kung Fu is a martial art that focuses on upper and lower body, and trains you with great cardio and aerobic exercises.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, or kickboxing it has different names and is a killer martial art work out. Heavy bag kicking and punching, core and legs workouts are few common techniques you will be training. It improves physical ability and prepares for a proper self-defense.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts, which is what this martial art form is mostly known as. MMA is a growing community after some of its UFC fights vent viral. Apart from the fame and name this is a high intensity martial arts training that combines different techniques from different martial arts combining them in one to make a perfect self-defense technique. As it includes high-intensity workouts, this makes it great for physical fitness. If you are not sure on where to being your martial arts training this is a good point. If you are interested get yourself the best, yet economically priced, MMA gear.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

BJJ is a separate take on workout and self-defense. This is also a complete body workout that focuses on grappling, throwing and ground-based techniques. If kicking and punching is something you don’t like then this is one of the best martial art forms. You have no idea how much you will be tired and work on your body unless you have tried it.

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