It is not an easy journey to become a pro martial artist. To maintain skills in different techniques, you must get training continuously.

Your discipline level needs to be perfect so that you stay humble no matter if you’ve become a professional.

Martial arts belt ranking is essential. Earning a belt indicates the level of experience you have gained. It’s a recognition system of your skills & expertise.

In this context, we’ll explore the facts behind the belt ranking system in Martial arts. Keep reading this post to the end to learn more.

The Origin of The Martial Arts Belt Ranking System!

Back in 1907 the belt ranking system in martial arts started. Jigoro Kano was the father of Judo, who introduced the Judo belt and uniform. Jigoro Kano’s student before that practiced in conventional Japanese kimonos.

At that time, there existed two colours of belts only – black and white. Those who were in the learning process of the fundamentals could get the white belts.

On the other hand, those who learnt the fundamentals knew the proper way to use the techniques and were all set to go after Judo on an advanced and serious level. 

White color in the martial arts belt represented simplicity, purity, and prevention of ego. The black colour symbolized a higher level of knowledge.  

What’s The Ranking System Used In Martial Arts?

According to many people, martial arts training uses different belts, beginning with a white belt for the basic level and a black belt for the advanced level.

Therefore, it is the best and typical way to learn and tank in various martial arts as well as a simple way to monitor the path of success.

But it’s not the case for all the martial arts. There’s a difference also. Martial arts such as aikido modify the ranking system based on the training institute or school.

Usually, “Kyu” means grade in martial arts, and the term “Dan” means degree. Additionally, the starting ranks are known as kyu. Students with kyu ranks are awarded 6th kyu, 5th kyu and others based on their skills.

As soon as a trainee gets all the martial arts kyus, he then gets permitted to progress on dan levels. Students with dan ranks achieve 1st dan, 2nd dan and others based on their advanced skills.

The Belt Color Order In Martial Arts!

In martial arts, there are different colours of belts. Practitioners get colour belts based on their skills. Keep reading to discover more on belt color order in martial arts!

White Belt For 6th Kyu

The colour white symbolizes innocence and craving for knowledge. The students who start learning karate for the first time tend to stay in essence.

Yellow Belt For 5th Kyu

We all know yellow represents the sun. In martial arts, when students start progression in skill and knowledge, they are awarded a yellow belt because they are commencing a new journey.

Orange Belt For 4th Kyu

When the sun rises, it stands for strength, and in martial arts, orange represents the increasing strength of the practitioners. Like the sun, students need to grow fully, and for this, they need a lot of power to acquire.

Green Belt For 3rd Kyu

The green colour stands for the plants that have started growing from the heat and light of the sun. In martial arts, such plants are known as the results of the practitioners’ hard work and skills.

Blue Belt For 2nd Kyu

The colour of the sky is blue. Plants or trees’ branches are reaching towards the sky. The students get training through their hard work and devotion. A time comes when students start reaching the sky. When students get such ability, they get a blue belt.

Brown Belt For 1st Kyu

In martial arts, the brown color represents maturity. When the students become masters, they get a brown belt. Now, they can use their knowledge and skills to enhance their journey of becoming masterful.

Why Are The Belt Colors Significant In Martial Arts?

Your martial arts school or training institute will recognize your success by arranging a belt-giving ceremony when you progress in rank.

You will replace your previous belt by earning a new belt. Getting a new belt in martial arts represents the skill and knowledge you have gained.

It helps you to show how far you have come. Everyone will know about the challenging journey you have made.

Earning a new belt means the advancements you made. It helps you to set an example for your fellow participants and motivate them towards their journey.

How To Earn Belts In Martial Arts?

  Learn About The System Of Belt Ranking

Before you earn martial arts belts, you should learn about the system of belt ranking. It’s not a challenging task.

Belt ranking is a way to measure your skills, knowledge and achievements. If you keep preparing yourself for your goals and do hard work both mentally and physically, you will earn your belts easily.

But if you skip your tasks and practice, it will be challenging for you to be eligible for a new belt.

  Find An Institute Or School

If your mind is all set for martial arts training, your next task is to find a well-known institute or school where you can get trained in martial arts. Make sure to choose an institute that is not far away from your home.

  Fulfill The Requirements

To earn a belt in martial arts, you will have to meet some special requirements. These requirements include excellent performance, attendance, and physical fitness.

  Join Your Classes Regularly

It would help if you learned, and only by attending classes regularly, you can advance towards your goal. So make sure to participate in every class.

Also, during your session or course, you will combat with other fellow practitioners. So, you should have enough patience.

  Don’t Forget To Practice At Home

Attending martial arts classes is not enough. You should find time to practice at home to shun what you’ve learnt from your classes.

If you keep practicing at home daily and become more professional in your skills, you will be ready to earn your next new belt.

  Have Patience

To earn every new belt, you must fulfill some special requirements. So, it is essential to have enough patience. Do not wish to be a legend in just a day. It takes time to learn and progress.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, I hope now you know about the martial arts belt ranking system. You need to give your best to earn those prestigious belts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below. I will start a discussion soon.

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