Martial art is studied for various reasons, such as fitness of physical health, self-defense and competition, mental and spiritual development because it entails types of codified traditions and systems of combat practices. Although the term Martial arts are commonly associated with fighting in East Asian cultures, it was originally used concerning the combat systems of Europe as early as the 16th century. The word ‘martial’ derives from the name of Mars, the Roman god of war. The name martial art is derived from Latin, which denotes Arts of Mars. Martial arts have been shaped by many factors since then as history has shown that martial arts have thrived, especially when combined with martial arts from other cultures.

Martial art is not only a great activity that provides a sense of self-defense, but it keeps participants physically active. In addition to improving physical fitness, martial arts can improve mental and emotional health. Through regular and efficient practice in the martial arts, a person’s physical and health fitness may be boosted. Generally, martial arts fitness can increase a person’s strength, stamina, flexibility, stability and explosive power. Due to the total-body nature of a martial arts workout, excess calories are burned during every class. These results to increase in overall stamina and endurance. Positive encouragement and respect for values are also part of all martial arts programs.

Variation and scope of Martial Arts

There are a large number of different styles and schools of martial arts. A practitioner of martial arts is referred to as a martial artist. Variation and scope of martial arts vary widely, and may focus on a precise area or combination of areas, but they can be broadly classified into;

  • Historical or traditional arts versus contemporary forms of wrestling as well as modern hybridized types of martial arts.
  • Regional origin, especially Eastern Martial Arts versus Western Martial Arts
  • Techniques taught, such as armed versus unarmed, in addition to the type of weapons that were used, for example stick fighting, swordsmanship, etc. and the type of combat, like striking versus grappling.
  • By application or intent: self-defense, physical fitness, combat sport, meditation, etc.
  • Variation in styles within the Chinese tradition, such as external versus internal styles

Martial arts using technical focus


Unarmed martial arts can be broadly classified into; those that use striking, those focusing on grappling and those that cover both fields and are often referred to as the hybrid martial arts.

  • Striking
  • Punching: Boxing (Western)
  • Kicking: Taekwondo, Capoeira, Kickboxing, Savate, and Tang Soo Do
  • others using strikes: Sanshou, Karate, Muay Thai, Wushu, Vale Tudo


  • Throwing: Glima, Judo, Hapkido, Sambo
  • Joint lock/Submission holds/Chokes: Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Wrestling
  • Pinning Techniques: Wrestling, Sambo, Judo


  • Traditional weapons include Silat, Kobudo, Kalarippayattu, Eskrima, in addition to historical martial arts from Europe, mostly those from German Renaissance.
  • Modern western martial arts weapons and sports include modern fencing, modern competitive archery, and stick-fighting systems like canne de combat or single stick.

By application or intent

  • Combat-oriented

Martial arts can be used as self-defense that involves defending the well-being of oneself or of another from harm.

  • Health-oriented

Asian martial arts are common in teaching side disciplines which pertain to medicinal practices. This may include teaching herbalism, bone-setting, and other aspects of traditional medicine.

Martial arts involve many techniques that will take time to learn, you need to find a school, class, and instructor that are good fits. If you are looking for a way to boost your self-confidence and stay fit without doing the same old gym routine, try martial arts. It offers an environment that is safe, challenging and fun.

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  1. James

    The self discipline that the martial arts has is what I like most. It gives you confidence and self control too.

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