Thinking to learn some Martial arts tricks and are unsure as to what you could try? Martial arts has been around for centuries, and is one of the best forms of self defense. Whether you want to learn martial arts for learning some cool combat techniques or to have a fitter body, it is one of the most exciting tings you can do in your life. While learning martial arts can be challenging, it’s fun and can aid in your mental and spiritual development. And that’s why more people are trying out martial arts than ever before.

It’s More Popular Than Ever

Martial arts tricking is the new thing in the field of underground alternative sports. Integrating various sports activities like gymnastics, martial arts, and free form movements, it presents a visual-creative experience played out through series of kicks, flips, and twists. Anyone can begin to learn martial arts tricks any time they want, even if they lack knowledge of martial arts or gymnastics. There are martial arts tricks for beginners and experts alike. Today we are going to talk about the top true martial arts tricks will awe and thrill anyone witnessing it.


From the Moon kick viewpoint, a Corkscrew appears to be a Btwist. The trickster’s legs twist to a Moon kick while drawing the hands towards the hips. The other leg is whirled around in an upward direction while the pivoting leg is fixed. At this moment, the trickster jumps up from the ground and folds his hands around his body following the same direction of the turning. The legs are drawn back too, and the head is synced with the movement and body to assist the twist. The ending part involves landing in a manner of Btwist after completing a complete 360-degree rotation. One should be adept with Moon kick and Gainer before trying this.

Gainer X-Out

Before going for this, you should know how to flip-flop doing a Gainer. It is done keeping one foot on the ground while the other is swung up. The movement of the swinging leg lefts the performer putting him in a 360-degree rotation about the sagittal plane. The X-out is performed during the rotation before the spine becomes 90 degrees with the ground. The spine has to be curved inwards before landing.


It is one of the advanced martial arts tricks which is close to a flare or windmill. The torso has to be maintained at an angle of 45 degrees while performing and arms are kept straight. The legs are held out in a V shape while the arms only touch the ground to help the performer rotate. The movement is set in a circular motion by whipping the legs and arms towards the motion. Air Flares are higher and inverted than normal air tracks, and the legs do not swing above the vertical axis.


Earning its name from the flying movements of superhero Ironman, it involves performing a complete 360-degree rotation and completing it with a back flip. The hands have to be kept by the side of the body. Otherwise, it will turn to a full up back out.

Cheat 720 Twist Doubleleg

Before anyone tries this, they have to be trained in Cheat 720 Twist, Parafuso and Double Leg. During the second rotation of this martial arts trick, the legs meet at the top while the body draws closer into a pike position resembling Parafuso or Double Leg. To provide time and space for the Double Leg finale, the Cheat 720 Twist has to be completed quickly with enough time remaining for the next move.

While these martial art tricks do seem interesting, do not try them out on your own. Find a good instructor and coach as it’s easy to hurt oneself. Many of the tricks require hours of practice before you can master them successfully.

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  1. James

    Incorporating gymnastics in martial arts creates awesome tricks. It would be fun to show tricks for beginners so they’d be more enticed.

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