Self defense techniques are not all created equal. When it comes to self defense there are some tried and true self defense techniques that can certainly help should you ever need the skills to survive. Consider the following 5 techniques when it comes to self defense:

Nail the Basics

One of the most important parts of self defense training is learning the basics. Once you have learned the proper form for your basic punches, strikes, jabs, and kicks, it is important that you practice until you are truly mastering each move. Learning and mastering moves are very different. While learning may provide you with core knowledge, mastering is the fine tuning and perfecting of each move to ensure strength and proper form is being used. Proper form is what helps provide the body with true strength and also helps you avoid injury.

Memorize Basic Pressure Points on the Body

Our body has multiple pressure points including the eyes, neck, groin, and shins. When pressure is applied to one of these spots on the body it can produce crippling pain, which could come in handy should you need to defend yourself. Delivering a quick blow to an attacker’s shin could provide you with just enough time to get away. If you are close enough to go for the eyes, you may again provide enough pain to the attacker to get away. The goal is to give yourself a window of time to get away safely.

Practice Being Calm

One of the hardest things to overcome is the ability to remain calm in a life-threatening situation. If you have often thought that you would not know what to do if an attacker approached you, you are not alone. One of the best parts of taking a self defense class, like Krav Maga, is learning how to remain calm in a dangerous situation. Real life training scenarios help students prepare should they ever find themselves in a situation where self defense techniques are needed. Remaining calm will help you think more rationally and make better decisions, which at the end of the day could help save your life.

Work on Your Awareness

Many self defense class instructors will tell you that awareness is everything. Being in tune with your surroundings is key to staying safe. Always know where exits are, have your keys in your hand before heading out into a parking lot, and travel in a group whenever you can. I’m sure we’ve all read the key awareness tips before and perhaps you have brushed them off in the past, but the truth is awareness is a major component of safety. Top 5 Self Defense TechniquesYou can start practicing awareness right now. The next three places you visit, take note of your surroundings, locate the exits, see if you notice anything suspicious and have a plan to escape your location.

Be Prepared

One core piece of advice is to simply be prepared. This means be ready for anything. If you are in situation where self defense is needed be prepared to fight wherever you are. This means your attacker may want to fight on the ground in a parking lot or in extreme weather and you’ll have to find a way to rise to the occasion. One of the best things about the self defense training of Krav Maga classes is that students learn how to fight in realistic environments. The benefit of this is learning how to fight in all sorts of situations. It’s not just a classroom setting, it is a real life setting.

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