Some myths in our day-to-day life surround us all. We are curious about martial arts! But do you know martial arts are also full of myths?

Many people believe these myths to be true whereas, others don’t believe them—no more myths.

I’ve listed 9 top martial arts myths and truths that will enrich your knowledge. Let’s keep reading this awesome piece of content.

1) The Myth Of The White Belt That Turns Into The Black!

People are excited about this Dirty Belt myth. Before the use of colour belts in martial arts, practitioners would get a white-coloured belt only.

Practitioners kept practicing to learn martial arts, and thus the belt would collect sweat and dirt. With time, because of collecting sweat and dirt, the white belt turned black.

People also believe that martial arts practitioners do not wash their belts. That’s not true. And, there’s no such myth of belt.

When the use of colour belts started, students no longer had to use one belt only. They get a new belt every time they pass any exam on their skills and ability.

2) The Instructor Has A Superpower To Heal!

It may seem unbelievable to you, but some instructors claim to have superpowers to heal. But this myth is not true for all the instructors of martial arts. There was some news on this myth. Believing in such a myth is not a wise decision.

Some instructors use magic (the act of magic) to cure the students who get minor injuries. We all know that kids love magic. If you do something like you are doing magic on them, they would be happy and nearly forget about their injury.

I know an instructor who runs a martial arts academy in China. While training his students for martial arts, sometimes he acts like he is doing magic.

Kids get injured while learning. The instructor hovers his hand smoothly over the injury. After a few minutes, the kid says that his pain has gone! Isn’t it magic to that kid?

It’s a fact of psychology. But I don’t ignore the claim that some instructors have healing powers – it’s rare.

3) Having A Black Belt Means A Pro In Martial Arts!

Some people assume to be a good instructor only because they’ve earned the black belt. However, this belief is just baseless. Having a black-coloured belt doesn’t mean that you are a good instructor.

To be a good instructor, one needs years of teaching experience. Skill and experience are the basis of being a pro. Many teachers possess a black belt, but when it comes to teaching, they do it poorly.

Some instructors with black belts don’t emphasize getting more experience for their teaching.

As a result, they assume that they perform great as instruction and don’t need to change or improve their skills. Finally, when they teach, they can’t give their best, and the students hardly can learn what they want.

4) Striking On The Nose Will Kill Anyone!

This claim is not true at all. People believe that the nose structure is embedded in our brain, so the nose and brain are connected.

If one strikes on the nose, then it can kill. The brain is not close to our noses. Thus hitting on the nose can cause injury, but it won’t be fatal at all. It is just a myth and has no reality.

5) The Death Touch!

It is not true. Such a story can be found in movies only. There is no record of fatalities triggered by a death touch.

It is not true. You can find such stories of killing only in movies or legends. There’s no real record of death touch yet.

I did a lot of research and even talked to some masters but didn’t find any proof. So, it’s best not to believe in such a myth.

6) The Black Belt Stands For The Highest Dan!

Let me make it clear at the beginning. This myth is not true at all. The black belt represents the grade or level at which a practitioner has mastered all the applicable techniques in some particular styles.

However, the black belt holds different ranks also. For example, Wado Ryu has black belt ranks. So, this myth is not valid.

7) The Okinawan Farmers Are Inventors Of Karate!

There is a myth that the Okinawan farmers developed a way of fighting (Karate) against the samurai. I’m sure that such a myth is just a story. But it is not the truth.

Okinawan royalty invented some karate forms only. After losing their status, forcefully, they had to start fishing and farming for their living. 

8) The Black Belts Are Unbeaten!

Those who have earned black belts possess great knowledge about martial arts. They’ve put in years of effort and hard work. Still, they are human and make mistakes!

If anyone with the black belt claims that he is unbeaten, I must say, you should stay away from him. Why? A true practitioner who has mastered the field of martial arts will never claim such a thing.

9) Being Strong In The Martial Arts Is A Must!

If you have a good level of physical strength, it is an advantage indeed, but it’s not necessary. In martial arts, you will learn excellent technique and fluid movement.

Strikes hold, and locks are effective but not due to strength. These are effective as they’re aimed at vulnerable points.

Final Thoughts

There are many martial arts myths around us. But not all these are true. However, as you are interested in martial arts, it is a good sign that you keep your eyes open.

Trying to learn will boost your knowledge about martial arts. I hope you enjoyed this unique post. Make sure to share it on your social media accounts.

Also, if you know about any martial arts myths, don’t forget to let me know in the comment box below.

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