UFC fighters are Mixed Martial Arts fighters, and this is considered to be one of the hardest sports to do. Winning a fight doesn’t just come with practice and dedication, there is a niche skill set for MMA UFC fighters to have. Aside from the fact that to be the best you need to be disciplined in a number of different fighting styles, from boxing, to wrestling, to BJJ and taekwondo, there is much more that a skilled UFC fighter needs proficiency in. 

Strength, toughness, agility, and mental alertness are all key in this sport, as well as many other factors. This is a sport that is judged based on a number of skills and not just how fast you can beat your opponent. So, what skills are required of a UFC fighter? It’s time to ask this question and find out. 

Strength and toughness. 

We all know that brute strength is a requirement, with many of these fighters having backgrounds in Wrestling and Boxing, it is key that strength is important. However, this does not just mean brute force. One must also be mentally tough, with drive, motivation and tenacity. The fighter needs to be comfortable with pain, and turn a shrug at physical exhaustion. 

A fighter should also be physically strong, in their bodies’ ability to sustain abuse and continue to hold up just fine. Training for the UFC can take a toll on the body, and so you and your body have to be resilient and powerful to sustain this.


If you are in it to win it, you can’t just dedicate part of yourself to UFC and MMA fighting, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes and sacrifice whatever you need to be successful. A UFC fighter needs to be prepared to spend their life in the gym without making any financial gains for years, as well as be prepared to put other things on hold to pursue this passion. Other careers, and relationships are down the drain, it’s you and UFC now. Are you ready for that?

Martial Arts Background. 

Okay, this is stating the obvious a bit, but this is an absolute key skill to becoming a UFC fighter. You need to have a solid background in Martial Arts, one that has gone on for years, perhaps dating back to your youth. And you should be proficient in more than one. The most successful UFC fighters often have a background in Boxing or Wrestling, doubling up with BJJ or Taekwondo. It’s not just a proficiency in one, it’s a requirement to be proficient in multiple martial arts.

Physical Abilities and Coordination. 

A child would probably tell you that you need to be physically fit for this sport. However, you also need speed, strength, and endurance. However, one thing most forget is the requirement to be coordinated. If you are already able to make your muscles produce explosive, coordinated motor-patterns, then you are ready. 


As strong as a bull, but as swift as a fox. In UFC there is no point being a rock, simply being a heavy unmovable object, because it just doesn’t work that way, you need to be a heavy unmovable object  you also need to be quick about it. Dodging blows, quickly making speed blows of your own. Swift speed is paramount.


In a sport where there is aggression and injury, you need to have the heart of a lion. You need to be Viking-level fearless. Not only is it a major sport with a huge fan base that can wrack your nerves, it is also a physically and mentally challenging sport with potential for harm, face it head on, with no fear, and you are UFC ready.

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