There are many martial arts styles to choose from but as you choose BJJ it has further two types which are known as GI and No-GI jiu-jitsu. Deciding between the two or even deciding either you should train both or not can be mind-boggling. We’ve already talked about the Key Differences Between GI and No-GI BJJ Style. So, we are here to discuss which is the right path for you to choose. Either your goal is fitness, speed, self-defense, or take it as a profession taking up BJJ is a great way to achieve it. The following are the benefits of both styles and in the end, we’ll conclude it all.

No-GI Jiu-Jitsu

Learning to apply pressure

In No-GI grabbing uniform is not allowed so you just must rely on your grip. Thus, you’ll have to apply more pressure in order to hold the choke or whatever. Not just applying pressure but applying it just the right way at the right moment on the perfect spot is what could get you close to a win. Similarly, to break the lock or hold you have to showcase your strength. This means No-GI enhances your strength greatly meaning you are ready to take down anyone either they wear a GI or not.

Improved agility and reflexes

Stalling is nearly impossible in No-GI because of the rule “no grabbing the uniform”. Therefore, it is a fast-paced jiu-jitsu style. to hold the opponent in place or break away now requires speed and sharp reflexes. Training for No-GI will make you better at these things making it natural for you which comes in handy in real-life situations. Then even if you switch to GI jiu-jitsu it gives you a benefit.

GI Jiu-Jitsu

Developing a strong grip

Developing a strong grip

In GI jiu-jitsu grabbing the uniform is allowed and this is how you break out of or grab an opponent in locks and chokes. Practicing this style will improve your grip and handling strength. Remember grabbing the wrists, No-GI is completely different than grabbing the GI.

Developing defense techniques

In this style, the opponent can and will be holding you in position by grabbing GI so just escaping with force is very difficult. Thus, you must develop and learn the right defense techniques. It will improve your game as there will be no fear of stuck in a bad position.

Making the base stronger

GI guards and defense techniques are complex than No-GI, practicing it will get you on the insights. This will make your game stronger and better, in short, that is winning.

Learning both styles

Should You Train GI or No-GI Jiu-Jitsu or Both?

Great self-defense

In real life when you get into some alarming situation then self-defense learned from both the BJJ styles will be enough to get you out of there. GI and No-GI training makes you prepared for any self-defense situation. Whether it be taking down, grappling, chokes, grabbing the clothes or body parts there will be nothing left for them.

Get fully prepared

You will see a lot of practitioners as you start training BJJ, either style, that prefer on pulling out their guard instead of going for a takedown. In a match that is very good and you should do as you like. But when it very important to perfect and master your takedowns because in a real-life situation that gives you an upper hand. Both styles have takedowns and you should know both to be completely prepared.


Both the styles of jiu-jitsu complement each other and work for hand in hand after you learned them both. You can transition into either one after mastering one. While some recommend perfecting your base game i.e. GI jiu-jitsu and then going for No-GI and others like to do the opposite. The point is to learn them both and that is what we recommend.

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