If you are not able to find a reputable martial arts gym in your area, there’s a wide variety of instructional books, online training programs and DVDs on the subject. Learning martial arts online is definitely no substitute for actually training in a gym, and you should never attempt to perform any complex moves in real life that you’ve learned from martial arts videos. With that being said, the DVDs will give you a basic overview of a particular form of martial art and its fundamental techniques.

Unfortunately, finding a good learning source online is no easy task, primarily because of dishonest online marketers and scammers who will try to steal your money in exchange for extremely low quality or even useless information, if that.

The team at Martial Arts Lab has spent months of research to provide the below reviews with the utmost accuracy and objectivity. Our goal is to review as many DVDs and training programs as possible while at the same time providing you with all the necessary information so you could make a better decision in terms of whether those programs are at all useful to you or not.

If you know or have tried any of these martial arts DVDs below, please feel free to leave us your feedback and rate the program accordingly. We love receiving honest responses and ratings from our readers because it helps all of us to find good sources for online programs and martial arts DVD, and make better decisions before buying any of these products.

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