clThe following list of online martial arts training programs that will help you to learn to get a basics if you are a beginner and improve your skills if you are professional, although you shouldn’t try out moves you’ve learned solely by video in a real life fight.

Keep in mind that we haven’t tried all of these programs, so make sure you read the reviews before buying anything.

MMA Training Programs Online

Damage Control

Online Martial Arts Training

This comprehensive online MMA training program allows you to develop specific strategies for fights with access to the huge technique video database. Currently with over 300 technique videos, the database is added to on a weekly basis. Members of the MMA training program have access to instructors when in need of specific techniques. They can upload fighting or training videos in order to get feedback from instructors. New members and beginners significantly benefit from the accessible trainers and interaction with more experienced members on the website. Two professional MMA instructors, Brandon Kiser and Brian Yamasaki teach members of the website to develop maximum fitness and strength while teaching new strategies, theories, and techniques. Members of the program learn more than just great techniques, but an amazing amount of great concepts. Videos are filmed using multiple camera angles for extreme effectiveness and packed with details. You can access Damage Control MMA from laptops, computers, Palm Pre, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Read more here.

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

Online Martial Arts Training Program

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program is another downloadable program only available on the website. This program focuses on increased cardio, strength, and power for MMA with only two days of training per week. The program teaches you to train synergistically and strategically and ideal for those with limited time. Professional athletes and MMA professionals have the time to train six or seven times a week for long hours. For people with outside jobs and still looking to hone their MMA skills and techniques this is the perfect solution. This program offers you a productive and effective workout plan and decent technique development. Overtraining, injury, fatigue, and excessive soreness are eliminated by working the right attributes at right times. The main principal of this program is not to train you hard, but smart! This program is good both for experienced MMA fighters and for beginners. I’ve tried this program my self. You can find my personal review here: the Best MMA Workout Program – Ultimate MMA vs Rush Fit.

Mma Quickstart : The Ultimate Mma Training Program For The Beginner!

If you are a beginner and want to learn to fight, first I recommend you to check this online mixed martial arts training program for the beginner.

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Street Fighting Programs

Street Fighting Uncaged

learn to fight online - street fighting

If you are into the extreme then this street, fighting program is for you! Some of the moves you will learn from this extreme program are illegal in cage fights and MMA techniques and you will not see them on TV. Because of the brutality of the techniques, it is not just another training program teaching you to defend yourself. Illegal moves that hardened cage fighters will not do are what you learn. The program shows you exactly where sport ends and live-saving fighting begins. You may be shocked at the techniques explained, taught, and executed with gut-wrenching power. The program is not intended to teach you how to gain confidence and how-to-do certain moves. This is the program to follow when you intend to maim, crush, and break an attacker, not only immobilize him. Signing up at the website allows you to download PDF e-programs and MP3 Audio. Street Fighting Uncaged teaches you very devastatingly effective, vicious, and dirty fighting in no time to demolish a street thug in no time. Read more here.

Street Fighting Acadamy

This program will teach you hardcore street fighting tactics and underground fighting secrets. Read more here.

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Wrestling Training Programs Online

The Complete Pre-Season Wrestling Package

learn to fight online - wrestling training program

The Complete Pre-Season Wrestling Package is the program to follow when you are a first year wrestler or chasing a Title. Coach Daryl Weber and Steve Preston combine their expertise and knowledge to ensure you use training methods with proven success. The Pre-Season Wrestling Package includes a 12 session takedown system, Turns and Pins Series, High School Preseason Training, High School In-Season Training, Front Headlock Series and more. Over 20 hours of instructional videos gives you strength training to unleash power and strength. Added bonuses for special wrestling nutrition, strength training, wrestling power, and mental training are included in the program. This program will improve results for wrestlers and MMA fighters. Read more here.

Ultimate Wrestling Power

This body weight training program made for Wrestlers that get you stronger, faster and in peak condition fast. This program also included in Wrestling Package above. Click here to read more about Ultimate Wrestling Power.

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BJJ Online Training Programs

Pedro Sauer Online

Martial Arts Training Online - BJJ program

Pedro Sauer Online is videos presented by Professor Pedro Sauer, a martial expert and a Top Instructor, known worldwide. While still an instructor at a Total Self Defense Academy, he took the time to offer his online program to members worldwide. Professor Sauer is an 8th Degree Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black/Red Belt with tremendous technical knowledge The 35 DVD’s explain with clarity different techniques and teaches critical concepts such as Submissions, Theory, Passes, Escapes, and Sweeps. This program will reignite your training when you hit a plateau and continuously find yourself working towards the same move. He teaches in the program the importance of mental development as well as physical development. Read more here.

This program will teach you How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Read more here.

Submission 101 Direct

A complete video chronicle of moves for the serious Jiu-Jitsu player. Over 250 videos included. Read more about this program here.

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My Boxing Coach

lear to fight online martial arts training - boxing program

My Boxing Coach offers an interactive online boxing coaching experience with real results from champion boxer Fran Sands. The program teaches you to become a dangerous, elusive, defensive genius who can throw a deadly punch with master footwork. The program will not only teach you how to box, but with hard work you acquire an ultra-toned, super-fit physique. Fran isolates every individual skill and demonstrates it via DVD and an associated article. His method is simple and straightforward, by explaining the skill and its usefulness. He further explains common mistakes made by boxers learning the specific skill and give precise and clear demonstrations of the skill’s mechanics. Over 40 skills, DVD’s are available onsite to form part of effective and versatile boxing styles. Read more here.

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Psychology Programs for Fighters

Renegade Mindset for Fighters

Online Martial Arts Training Programs - Learn to Fight

The Renegade Mindset Techniques for Fighters is downloadable audio MP3’s and manual from their website. Bill Gladwell and Stephen Ladd uses their expertize in taking mental training to a higher level. They combine three state-of-the art technologies to transform average athletes into masters. The lethal techniques used ensure both emotional and physical strength. MMA fighters learn the mental equation controlling tenacity, endurance, and intensity. The program consists of Renegade Hypnosis in order to train a subconscious mind to be a lethal fighter, which is a 4-part DVD set. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Energy Mechanics makes up the complete program to deliver a mind-bending performance in enhancing stamina, focus, and power. Users of this program are guaranteed free upgrades to the program for life. Users from any country can purchase this program and it is suitable for both beginners and trained MMA Fighters. Read more here.

Never Feel Nervous Before a Fight Again

Online seminar and dual DVD set available here.

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Other Online Martial Arts Training Programs

Krav Maga In No Time Video Course – effective program for self defense.

Workouts For Judo

Karate Teaching – other 125 Martial Arts drills and exercises for martial arts instructors.

Wing Chun Kid

Learn Wing Chun Online

Our other reviews that you can read: How to Learn Krav Maga Online; How to Learn Wing Chun Online

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