Martial arts is a world of patience, determination, growth, and strength.  It is also a world that people gravitate towards if they was to appear more “cool”.  But what are the health benefits for the world of martial arts?  Simple: it helps you with your balance, it helps you with your coordination, and it helps you with your strength.  In turn, the principles taught in a martial arts society and the implementation of strengthening exercises are the two main things necessary in order to have a successful weight loss journey.

Martial arts is an area of fitness that legitimately uses every muscle in your body.  From the kicks and the punches to the maneuvers during self-defense, your flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina all come into play.  As you move up the ladder of colored belts, you find yourself becoming stronger, leaner, and more adept at analyzing situations around yourself.  This is not just a workout to improve your body, it is also a workout to improve your mind.

Depending on how much you weigh and how hard you exercise, you can burn anywhere between 350-960 calories in a 30 minute martial arts session!  That is a lot of calories and a lot of sweat.  This type of workout, in turn, reduces your cravings for foods as you ingest the water necessary to keep you hydrated and it gives you something to do so that, at least for that hour of class, you are not eating out of sheer boredom.  And with a class like this that helps you become strong and teaches you ways to defend and better yourself, your self-esteem rises.  When your outlook on life gets better, your outlook on yourself gets better, and you are more willing to invest the time and energy and dedication necessary in order to strive for better outcomes in your life, especially when it comes to your weight.

But think about what something like martial arts could do if you partnered it with a change in your eating habits, like the hCG protocol.  It has been shown, time and time again, that both the combination of fitness and a good diet always achieve the best results when it comes to weight loss and fitness.  But when you combine with with martial arts, there is something about the overall body conditioning that not only helps in areas that you are already seeking, studies have even shown that those who regularly practice some form of martial arts and adhere to a healthy eating lifestyle have actually shown a slowed aging process.  That’s right, this combination of lifestyles has been proven to help you age better and more gracefully.

But not only that, your cardiovascular health would improve as well.  Behind that strength that you utilize during class lies a stamina component that you ultimately have to work on in order to throw the strength behind those punches and kicks time and time again.  That stamina helps your cardiovascular system strengthen itself and convert oxygen more efficiently, and that also aids in your weight loss.

Martial arts helps in strengthening and lose weight

Martial arts also has a lot of implications towards weight loss that you might not even realize or think about.  Take, for example, your improved reflexes.  You might just think that that only means moving faster in response to a stimuli.  But that moving faster, in turn, burns more calories than the speed at which you moved previously.  Studies have shows that the average human can burn 4 more calories per muscle movement in each leg if they train 20 minutes a day for 4 days a week in no other way but cardio.  That includes running, swimming, fast-paced walking, and…you guessed it…martial arts.

Another implication was mentioned above: your overall attitude.  Improving your attitude shifts your dopamine and serotonin levels to a new balance in your brain whenever your neurons fire off to gauge your emotions, and when there is more dopamine in your system, your body is in a happier state of mind, and it flushes that nasty cortisol (secreted when you are stressed and weary) out of your system.  Cortisol bloats and restricts the muscles in your body, so you get the full use of your muscles when you are exercising just simply by being happier.  That is a massive improvement to your all-over well-being!

Yet another implication is your increase in flexibility!  Besides all of the aforementioned benefits, martial arts also aids your muscles in their extension and release properties, aiding your joints in their ability to move at their actual capacity.  Between the warm-ups at the beginning of classes and the massive movement of various muscle groups that you do repeatedly, this point always gets overlooked because of the sweat dripping down your back by the time class is done.  But, it is there…and in a very prevalent way, whether you realize it or not.

There are some people, however, that just need a bit more.  A little bit of a kickstart, if you will.  There are plenty of weight loss supplements on the market, and most of them are filled with factory-bleached formulas that do nothing but puff up in your stomach and wreak havoc on your kidneys.  If you do decide to try one, try something like Phen375 , that is an all-natural solution to a lot of the problems with common weight loss supplements.

Daniel Schulmann, the owner of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, says it best: “Fighters have power like a powerlifter but endurance like a runner, and they’re flexible.”  That is a serious combination of fitness, and practically the definition of overall bodily health.  Martial arts has caught on so widely as a fitness regimen that even professional sports athletes are getting in on the action.  I’m even sure that if you went down to your local gym, they would provide a bi-weekly martial arts class!  If it’s good enough for the professionals, then it has got to be good enough for us.

Martial arts is the definition of a total body workout, and although you might feel uncomfortable at first with doing all of these things with someone you do not know, the permanent advantages of health far outweigh the temporary disadvantages of feeling awkward.  But, if you were to couple that with a diet plan and a weight loss supplement?  You will be well on your road to victory and conquering your mind when it comes to your body.  After all, if someone like Bruce Lee can make us pump our fists in a movie theater, imagine what we can make ourselves do if we become our own Bruce Lee.

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