If you are not planning to enter an octagon or a competition, and simply wish to learn martial arts for fitness and self defense, these martial arts for beginners tips will help you find a school, choose a program, and stick to it.

How to Choose Martial Arts for Beginners Tips:

martial arts for beginners

1. Find a School near Your Place

The distance between your place and the school is extremely important. If the school is too far away, you can risk being discouraged by the distance during the early stages. When you join a school and begin your training, you will be sore. You will be using muscles in your body you never knew existed. If you have to travel a long distance and get to the school, and have sore muscles, you will start missing classes and before you know it you will drop the whole idea of learning martial arts.

2. Work on Your Fitness and Get in Shape

Martial Arts For Beginners

All types of martial arts are designed in a way that beginners can develop strength, stamina, and/or speed at the early stages. If you are looking martial arts for beginners, when you are in decent shape, and usually dedicate a few hours of your week to health and fitness, you can simply walk in a dojo and start training. However, if you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer screen and get very little exercise, it is better to hit the gym and then take up martial arts.

We have seen overweight and underweight students that started training and are highly skilled and in great shape now, but there is also a large number of students that quit at an early stage simply because they find themselves out of breath within the first few minutes of a session.

3. Determine a Specific Amount of Time for Martial Arts

You have to determine how many classes you can take during a week and how many hours you can spend training in your favorite martial art. Learning martial arts should be an important element on your priority list.

If someone asks you go to a party and you turn them down because you have a session with your instructor, then you will most probably stick around and gain excellence in martial arts. We are not discouraging you from having a social life; we just want your martial art classes to be an important part of your week.

4. Start with Light Contact and Throw-Based Styles

Styles such as Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, or Tai Chi are best martial arts for beginners. These styles utilize the opponent’s energy against him/her, and require good timing and execution. You might take a shine to one of these styles and may go on to advanced levels in it, or you may move on to other styles after a few months. Make sure you master a few throws by the time you decide to learn other styles.

5. Branch Out and Learn New Styles

Martial Arts For Beginners

To start training martial arts for beginners in correct way is very important, thats why you have to work with your instructor to get the basics right, and move up to high impact and striking styles such as Western Boxing, Taekwondo, or Muay Thai later on. You can also go for hybrid styles and include a ground based or grappling style to your arsenal at the later stages. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Russian Sambo are popular choices in this regard apart from traditional wrestling.

6. The Most Important Martial Arts for Beginners tip – Never Give Up

Most beginners end up quitting after a few weeks not because they lack potential or motivation, but simply because of trivial reasons such as the school being too far, or because of lack of immediate results. If you take it in a slow, steady, and organized manner, your martial arts endeavor can result in a whopping success. Follow these martial arts for beginners tips and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section.

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  1. Anthony Huber

    Martial arts training can be difficult for beginners, and some find that they start to feel discouraged if they’re having trouble with certain basic techniques. The above details are very helpful for the beginners to learn Martial arts.

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  2. Megan Alder

    My husband and I have been thinking about taking our 6-year-old son to martial arts. I like how you said that working on your fitness and get in shape is very important to be able to perform the designated tasks. I will definitely make sure that I follow your advice, and I’ll start a healthier life for him.

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