Ever fancied practicing Kung Fu in China? Maybe BJJ in Rio, Brazil or Muay Thai in Thailand? Shoot for MMA in Las Vegas perhaps?The list of possible martial arts fighting holidays goes on. Here is my favourite take on a ‘lads’ holiday’ – train all day! Plus there’s no reason to limit a fighting holiday to guys. I’ve lost many a fight to girls. So women get involved with a martial arts holiday abroad too!  

I am lucky enough to have actually gone on a martial arts fighting holiday. I went to China to learn Shaolin Kung Fu for 2 months. It was an amazing experience, and one that I would love to have again.

If you’re not convinced just by the inception of the idea of going on holiday with friends or by yourself to train all day in your martial arts authentic surroundings, then let me tell you a bit more about my fighting holiday in China.

Learn Chinese Kung Fu in China!
Kung Fu Fighting holiday in China!

05:30 – Circuit training

06:00 – Training in chosen style

07:30 – Breakfast

09:00 – Second morning session (usually involved lots of running!)

12:00 – Lunch

14:30 – Afternoon training session

17:00 – Stampede to the showers!

Sold? Of course you are! Who doesn’t want to spend over 6 hours training a day when on holiday?

I stumbled across this school a god 4-5 years ago by pure luck and shear Googling determination, but it was never easy to find trips like these. As one would expect, fighting holidays are quite a niche market! However I have recently discovered the answer to your martial arts fighting holiday dreams! – www.FightCampTravel.com

This website is a site set up by a couple of business minded, entrepreneurial martial artists who also thought the idea of a martial arts fighting holiday was pretty awesome.

Fighting Holidays Website

Their website details a whole host of different destinations, offering training opportunities in an array of different training styles. From BJJ to Kung Fu. From Judo in an 8 floor dojo in Japan, to boxing in Mexico, this site has you covered.

The website is elegantly designed. It simply lays out the packages on offer, describing the daily routine, destination, what’s included, etc. It then plays with your emotions and enhances the idea of the trip by showing you the some amazing photos of the places.


First off, fighting holidays are not for everyone. When I was in China, my first roommate quit in the first week. He was tired, disheartened and bruised. He came for the wrong reasons. Expecting a holiday in rural China where he’d also get to do some martial arts so that he’d come back ripped and a black belt. I’ll say he had never done martial arts before and so perhaps wasn’t used to how intense the training could be. So if you’re a bit of a newbie and still interested (which you should be!) then just make sure you’re prepared for what you’re going to because you probably won’t get your money back if you don’t like it.Fighting holiday

His experience makes it sound negative but none of it was. Fighting holidays are great. One girl twisted her ankle on her first day and could barely walk unhindered for the next three weeks, she still stayed and still loved it. She simply focused on difference aspects, gave up on hoping to learn the dynamic movements of Shaolin, and focused on the more delicate moving style of Tai Chi.

I highly recommend you check out Fight Camp Travel and investigate whether you want to go on a fighting holiday. They will help you improve by leaps and bounds (training 6 hours a day, 5 times a week for 2 months does that!) but they will also give you a fresh focus on why you train and on everything you can gain. Plus they offer a hugely unique experience that is great fun!

P.S. if anyone wants to pay for me to do the MMA Fighter Adventure (Gold Package), I’d be hugely grateful. If you’re reading this FightCampTravel, I’d be happy to do it in return for a review or two 😉

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