Are you considering joining a martial arts school?  If so, then I can truthfully say that you are making a fantastic decision.  I’ve been training in martial arts for over eleven years now, and it has done wonders for my life.  There are many reasons to why people seek out martial arts as an activity.  Regardless of what the reason is, people will find that they gain much more than what they bargained for.  Today, I’m going to share some of these outstanding martial arts benefits with you.

1.) Self Defense

I don’t think that anyone can deny the violence that exists in our world.  Martial arts benefits us with the necessary tools to deal with many unpleasant situations.  Many martial arts schools will have a section of their program dedicated to specific street self defense.  This can cover a variety of topics including:  Awareness and space management, defending against punches and grabs, ground attacks, and verbal attacks.  It is true that in your lifetime, you may never find yourself in a situation that requires self defense.  However, this is no reason to neglect self defense training.

Consider children in the school systems.  They practice fire and earthquake drills even though they probably will never use it.  On the off chance that something does happen, they will automatically follow the correct procedure due to the many times of practice.  I consider self defense training to be the same.  Having the knowledge of knowing what to do in a bad situation is very empowering, and could save your life.

2.) Health

Martial arts is one of the best forms of physical fitness available.  Think about it.  Martial artists use almost every muscle in their body when training different techniques.  When sparring in a striking art, like Taekwondo, you constantly use explosive movements to get in and out of your opponent’s range. When grappling in an art like Jujitsu, you are in a constant state of muscle pressure against your opponent.  In other words, everything you do in martial arts training is working you out, and by result you will become more physically fit.

Let us not neglect the other topics of health .  Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Training in martial arts has proven to reduce stress levels in individuals, and will help you to become a more balanced and centered person.

3.) Social Interaction

A martial arts school is a club like any other, and you will meet many people with like minds.  A martial artist once said that “martial arts is 80% about relationships, 15% about healing, and only 5% about combat.”  I find this to be very true in all my experiences as a martial artist.  The majority of my very best friends have all been from my Taekwondo school.  We are always hosting positive social gatherings and various events, and it truly feels like one big family.  Friendships are very important in life, especially ones with like minded people.

Another possibility exists to train in martial arts as a family.  Many people don’t consider this when thinking about martial arts, as they assume it is an individuals activity.  And in part, this is true, but we are always strengthened by the support of others.  Having an activity that the whole family can participate in can bring you all together in wonderful ways.

4.) Life Skills

One of the core principles in most martial arts, is that we should always strive to be the best we can be and should always be improving ourselves.  This concept transcends the dojo and should filter into our everyday life.

Concepts like: focus, disciple, and problem solving, are all learned by the practice of martial arts.  But even beyond that, we have the opportunity to apply these skills to our real life as well.  If I can learn to focus on a single martial art technique, then I can apply that to a single task at work.  If I can learn to solve a problem in sparring, I can use similar thinking to help solve a personal matter.  When one thinks of martial arts as a way of life, rather than just an activity, real positive changes will naturally occur.

5.) Fun

Out of all the martial arts benefits, this one was the most important to me.  I took one free class and I was hooked for life.  Imagine an activity where you can go and get a great workout, you feel great about yourself, there are people there who love and support you, and the activities that you do are a blast to perform.

There are many different style to suit you.  Do you prefer a hard striking art?  Do you like to grapple with people?  Do you like to preform slow and graceful forms?  There is a style out there to match anybody.  You only have to try and find out which one is the best for you.  For me, I love to kick.  Therefore, Taekwondo was the go to, and I love it.

Martial Arts Benefits

Martial arts benefits all who practice, I highly recommend finding one that suits you.  It totally changed my life for that better, and that is a gift that I want to share with all:  The power to better yourself.

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