The UFC has been at the forefront of MMA fighting for a long time now and has seen a huge number of famous faces making waves in the sport. But with several changes being made to rosters following injuries or several contracts have been moved around this year. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into the ongoing differences between Anderson and the UFC that has resulted in him signing with Bellator MMA.

The Career Of Corey Anderson Thus Far

Since starting his career in the UFC in 2014, Anderson has gone on to have several amazing match-ups and his fair share of ups and downs throughout his career. At this time, he has a total of 14 wins thus far in his career with 5 losses. With several match-ups still in the pipeline, it came as a shock to many that are fans of Anderson as the UFC president Dana White announced that the UFC star would be released from his contract early.

The End Of The Agreement With UFC

As the UFC has continued to grow, there have been many fighters coming and going off of the roster at this time. But in a shock announcement, White announced that there would be a sudden departure from the UFC with immediate effect. Though there was no reason announced by White and the team from UFC regarding the termination of the contract, there have been a number of rumours circulating regarding how the relationship between the two went sour.

The Request For More Money

With many looking at how to bet on MMA with the upcoming match-ups for Anderson, the UFC was making a vast amount of money of the agreement with this partnership. However, the request for more money from Anderson and the UFC team were quickly rejected. This was rumoured to be the finals tar for Anderson who then ordered his manager to find a higher paying contract from elsewhere. This request for more money was denied by the UFC within 20 seconds.

Though the request for more money comes across as the definitive moment for the termination of this contract, there is also the losing streak that he was slowly beginning. With the announcement of the termination coming just after his loss against Jan Blachowicz in February, this is perhaps one of the main reasons for the termination of the contract. Though this may be the first time that this has happened, there is a vast amount of potential for the fighter as he continues his career elsewhere. With a number of match-ups ready to be announced in the coming months, there is plenty to get excited about for the future of his career.

The Move To Bellator MMA

Despite the collapse of the relationship between the UFC and the MMA, there is a recent announcement that Anderson will be joining the roaster at Bellator MMA. With a number of matches to be announced, this will be the new place to be to watch Anderson make waves in his career at this time. When asked about the move from UFC to Bellator MMA at the UFC on ESPN 15 post-fight press conference, White had this to say:

“This isn’t something that we’ve never done before. And I think that he feels, and we feel, that he can be more competitive there.”

He also noted within this statement that this is not something that the UFC has ever done before. This is, therefore, a truly unique position for Anderson as it means he has the full rain of the upcoming matches with the movement from the UFC to the MMA.


The Competitive Nature Of Bellator MMA

With the pick of the bunch at his new Bellator MMA home, he is set to be one of the most competitive at this level. Following a health scare and a number of other issues leading to his signing here, it is looking as though he is one of the strongest at this time. With the ability to sign as many matches as he wants to work alongside the health scare, this move is ultimately the best choice for you.

With this in mind, there are several ways that this signing is ultimately the best and the worst thing to happen to Anderson and the sport as a whole. Will you be watching Anderson on Bellator MMA?

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