Brazilian martial arts come in different forms. One can chose to either practice the ground fighting systems or the graceful acrobatics with musical accompaniment. The different types of Brazilian martial arts are suitable for different kinds of people ranging from women to body guards. The following are some of the martial art systems that were either perfected in Brazil or originated from there.

1. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Vale Tudo Brazilian Martial Arts

Brazilian Jujutsu is believed to have been developed from a technique known as Kodokan Judo. Named after the Gracie family, this form of Brazilian martial arts emphasizes ground fighting. In the opening defense, the defender is taken to the ground and submitted in a choke or joint lock. Openings can be created using either strikes or kicks. This type of martial arts has played a great role over the years in the evolution of modern martial arts in Brazil.

Vale Tudo on the other hand relies mostly on grappling but it also incorporates techniques from other types of martial arts such as Thai boxing and western martial arts. It came about as a result of a televised fighting competition titled “anything goes” in the 1960s.

2. Luta Livre Brazilian Martial Arts

In Portuguese, Luta livre means free wrestling. This is a form of Brazilian martial arts that does not allow kicking or punching. It originated in the mid 1920s and consists of wrestling and grappling. The sport is always evolving and new techniques are constantly being incorporated. However, the participants in this sport have to ensure that their bodies are well conditioned because it a physically demanding sport.

3. Maculele and Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts

Brazilian Martial Arts
Brazilian Martial Arts

Capoeira is a martial arts technique that is believed to have been brought by Africans to Brazil during the time when slavery existed. It is a technique that incorporates dance, music and martial arts. It comes in different forms such as: capoeira contemporanea, capoeira regional and capoeira angola. Capoeira angola is the oldest form of capoeira even though a modified version of it is the most widely practiced. Maculele also incorporates music and dance. It differs from capoeira in that it uses machetes or sticks in its techniques.

4. Kombato Brazilian Martial Arts

This form of Brazilian martial arts came about in the 1980s. It uses a variety of self defense systems such as striking and grappling. These techniques are only applied when defusing a conflict trail or avoiding one. Training in this martial arts technique is usually offered to personal protection officers such as body guards, military, policemen or citizens that wish to defend themselves from attackers.

5. Huka Huka Brazilian Martial Arts

This is a folk wrestling kind of Brazilian martial arts technique popularly performed during ritual ceremonies of Kuarup. The athletes begin the fight when they are on their knees. The opponents work on who will lift the other and knock him to the ground. Men or women can participate in the ritual fight. This type of martial arts was initially introduced as an experiment when the Sao Pulo State Military Police was being formed. This fighting technique is still under study by martial arts practitioners.

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