All those extremely fit models and actors that you admire step into a boxing ring to shed calories. That’s right, boxing is considered to be one of the best workouts for burning calories and keeping you in shape. This is why it is an important part of athletes’ and celebrities’ fitness plans.

You will see a lot of videos online that show these people doing different types of boxing routines and hear how all these people sing praises about boxing as a workout.

If you have wondered why boxing is such a popular workout, then the following benefits should be enough to tell you why:

Why Boxing should be a Part of Your Fitness Plan

A Full Body Workout

Many people perform exercises that are only good cardio and many do exercises that are only good for muscles. They remain without the benefits of either cardio or anaerobic exercises.

This is why boxing is the perfect workout. It gives you a good cardio workout and also helps you build lean muscle.

Providing you the best of both worlds.

And that’s not the extent of it. You also develop balance, agility, coordination and many other aspects of your body are improved, which will be good for your mind and body.

Calorie Burner

You may be running yourself ragged and working out all the time without making a dent in your calorie count. Your body needs to be in an optimum condition before the burning of calories can begin.

Boxing helps to get your body to that level.

In boxing you have bursts of activity and periods of rests. The interval workout nature makes it a perfect activity to burn lots and lots of calories with. There is also the added benefit of giving your metabolism a boost, which puts your body in a perfect position to burn calories when you are boxing. However, studies depict that boxing can burn between 350-500 calories in just an hour. Means, boxing workouts are great way to burn calories. Also, you can use this simple but highly accurate calorie calculator that assists you to reach your maintain, lose, or gain weight goals.

Belly Flattening

Sit-ups and crunches are great but you won’t get that six-pack you desire without burning away that belly fat.

How does boxing help in this regard?

You have to generate power for your punches by twisting your body. This burns more calories than lying on the floor and doing isolated exercises.

Stress Reliever

Boxing is not only good for your body but for your mind as well.

All the frustrations you have in your life can be channeled out of your body and into the punching bag. Your session with a punching bag or sparring will help you calm yourself greatly.

The adrenaline and endorphin release will be a mood lifter and make you happier than you were before.


Most people will not think of bettering their hand-eye coordination when they visit the gym. But it can give you grace and awareness about your body, and boxing gives you exactly what you need.

Other exercises or lifting weights at the gym don’t do much for mind and body harmonization. In boxing you have to be precise with your movements and punching, this come in handy in many different areas of life.

Why Boxing should be a Part of Your Fitness Plan

Body Improvement

Normal exercises will reach their limit, when it comes to body improvement, but boxing has no such limits.

Running on your treadmill everyday gets boring for your muscles and they will not grow any more than they already have. But in boxing your movements will vary, you will learn new techniques every day and there will several different types of training required to keep your muscles interested.

You will build lean muscles every time you put on your boxing gloves and step into the ring.

Safety and Intensity

Running and weightlifting at the gym can put unnecessary strain on your bones.

Boxing on the other hand only puts the right amount of strain on your muscles; thanks to the variety of movement, power and strength building.

Your heart will be pounding, body pouring with sweat and you will not be putting yourself in any harm.

These advantages, which only boxing can offer, should be enough to make you add it to your daily workout routine.

Many fitness experts believe that boxing can be the complete workout that you need every day, so there will not be need for any other exercise regimen. So take up boxing and you will have your fitness fully covered.

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