There are countless workouts available that are supposed to help you become the next mixed martial arts superstar. People have heard of Rush Fit and TapouT XT, but to me the best MMA workout program is Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program. It is often difficult to determine which is best for you, but as someone that has tried both Rush Fit and the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program, I can attest to the positives and negatives of each program and feel that the latter is the best program out there.

Ultimate MMA Workout Program Review

The Best MMA Workout Program Ultimate MMA

The main goal of the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning workout program is to get you in amazing cardiovascular shape. With normal workout plans, you would expect this to take an intense and rigorous workout plan that keeps you at the gym five days a week, but it doesn’t. By following this program and completing the exercises just two days a week, you will be training your body to be in the best shape possible. When you begin the workout, you can choose to complete an eight, 12 or 16 week program.

The first thing about this workout that I enjoy is access to a “members only” portion of the website that features videos on new workout routines that are used by professional MMA practitioners. The website also gives users access to all the training manuals, nutritional guides and more. For those that struggle to figure out a workout to complete at the gym, having access to this area of the website is extremely beneficial in determining what your workout will be. It was something that saved me a couple of times at the gym when I was running late and got to there when they were getting ready to close. For those looking to cut weight, the purchase of this program also entitles you to a weight-cutting guide that was extremely beneficial for me when I needed to drop five pounds in a short span. You can check this MMA workout program here.

The Best MMA Workout Program Ultimate MMA

For me, the ease in which you could follow this workout regime is what makes it stand apart from the rest and makes it one of the best MMA workout program. Other programs require you to have resistance bands, pull up bars and other accessories that aren’t always easy to find. By following this plan two days a week for eight weeks, I was able to improve my cardio and my overall strength the smart way. The right and wrong ways of a workout are explained the proper way, ensuring you don’t get injured doing something the dangerous way.

Best-MMA-Workout-Program-ericGetting a workout plan started can often be the most difficult task for many people, but another helpful factor when it comes to this plan is while you see results quickly, this program doesn’t require a large amount of effort. You still need to make sure you follow the workout program twice a week, so commitment and dedication is required, but most people can spare some time two days a week to get in the best shape of their life. Needing to only complete the workout program twice a week makes it perfect for anyone looking to get in better shape, not just MMA fighters.

The most important aspect of this plan that I haven’t mentioned yet is the background of its developer, Eric Wong. Many people claim to be experts in the health and nutrition field, but few are. Wong is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, something he achieved through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also a certified kinesiologist, corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology practitioner and licensed lifestyle coach. All of these certifications have given Wong the knowledge needed to come up with a workout program like this.

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My Experiences with Rush Fit MMA Workout DVD Program

The Rush Fit workout plan was the first MMA workout program I ever tried and for the most part, I was impressed with the shape I was getting in with the plan. Rush Fit was designed by one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA, Georges St-Pierre, and his trainer, Erik Owings. His program features six DVDs with seven workouts at three levels. Each level features an eight week workout plan that requires you complete the program six days a week. This is a great commitment and one that is often difficult for those new to working out to achieve. Due to time restraints, I was unable to complete the first eight week program, but I could still see the progress that could be made if I stuck with it.

The six day a week commitment is something that is hard for many people to agree to and is one of the biggest differences between Rush Fit and the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning programs. You can choose to complete multiple workouts in the same day with Rush Fit, but you will be feeling it in the morning. With Rush Fit, the only accessory you need is a pair of dumbbells, while the most notable accessory you need for Ultimate MMA is a medicine ball.

For each person, the factor that determines what the best MMA workout program for me is the ease in which it is to follow a program from start to finish, how many accessories are needed to accurately complete each program as designed and the space you need to perform said workout. While Rush Fit is something that is easy to do at home, it is still something that requires a lot of commitment to the plan. For those that are new to MMA training, this is something that is difficult to achieve.

That’s not to say that the Ultimate MMA workout program doesn’t require dedication, but it does so on a smaller level. With just two days a week for eight weeks, I was able to exercise from the comfort of my home and notice a drastic change in my endurance and physique. Essentially, what I am trying to tell you is if you want to see a change in your strength and cardio health in as little as 16 sessions over the course of eight weeks, the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program is the best choice for you and is the best MMA workout program available.

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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program

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