Choosing the best martial arts for kids can be a bit of a bother for parents looking to get their children into healthy activities. Kids these days spend most their time sitting in front of one screen or another, and do not get enough exercise. As a result, not only our children are growing obese, they are also highly susceptible to mental and physical diseases. Through martial arts, your child develops a healthier mind and body, and it’s pretty much the best type of sport a kid can get into. However, the number of available choices in martial arts can be quite overwhelming. In this article, we will provide you with useful tips to help you choose the best martial arts for kids.

Choosing The Best Martial Arts For Kids – 5 Tips

Best Martial Arts For Kids

Step # 1: Set Goals

Before you start looking for the best martial arts for kids, as with all important decisions in life, you need to set goals at the very initial stage. It is also important to include your child in the decision making process. Sit with your child and discuss what goals you wish to achieve through martial arts. Are you trying to enroll your kid in a martial arts class to improve their health? Is the class going to be a hobby? Do you wish to turn it into a profession someday? You and your child have to know exactly why you are thinking about martial arts.

Step # 2: Scout for Martial Arts Schools and Instructors

Finding the right school and instructor is just as important as finding the right martial art for your kid. Most instructors will tell you that Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo are the best martial arts for kids while some may also include Jujutsu and Kickboxing in the list. Your kid on the other hand may very well be interested in Muay Thai or Kung Fu. You should first make a list of all available schools and instructors in your area, and all types of martial arts being taught in those schools.

Step # 3: Attend a Few Classes

Ask any instructor and they will be more than happy to allow you to sit in one of their training sessions. Take your kid with you, and attend a couple of classes to gain a general idea of the quality of the school and instructor. Once you have attended a couple of classes at each school in your area, you will find it easier to short list the top candidates.

Step # 4: Time to Shortlist the Best Candidates

Now that you have attended a couple of classes in your area, and have seen the instructors in action, it is time to create a shortlist. If you find a instructor who seemed enthusiastic about his/her job, and was keeping the students engaged, and seemed to care about teaching self discipline and control, then you have already found the right person.

Step # 5: Discuss Available Options with the Instructor

By this time you should have your available options narrowed down to at least 3 styles of martial arts. You, your kid, and the instructor, can now discuss the best martial art. Based on your child’s height, weight, preferences, and goals, it should be easier to choose a martial art now as compared to the first stage. The instructor you choose will also be of great help here, as he or she will recommend the best choice for your kid. Some general tips are:

  1. If your kid is claustrophobic, do not choose Judo.
  2. If you are unsure, choose Kung Fu or Karate; either is ideal for beginners.
  3. If your child gets into fights (or gets bullied at school) choose Jujutsu. We are recommending this because grappling is better than punching or kicking when it comes to kids.

For students and parents who are looking for more information about martial arts drills, games and challenges to boost their Martial Arts training I recommend to read “Martial Arts For Kinds” by Aaron J. Perry.

Best Martial Arts For Kids  
Best of luck in choosing the best martial arts for kids; make sure you use the tips we provided and let us know how it worked out.

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  1. martialarts

    Are clubs that teach many martial reliable??? I found a school that teaches, karate, muay thai, jiujitsu, kick boxing, yoga, dance therapy(no idea what that is) and capoiera.
    Are those reliable?? And how can i see that it is??

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