Krav Maga is a marital art of which has only grown increasingly in its presence in that past few years. And if you are in the market for finding a brand new Krav Maga gym in the tri-state area or are simply searching out out varying options in terms of finding a martial art of which can significantly assist your body and your mind, than look no further for all of the details, in no particular order, of the best Krav Maga gyms in the New York City area. Here, we have set in motion the top ten gyms of which are of the top rated by personal users by way of Yelp, Google, Facebook and Martial Arts Lab.

Krav Maga Schools TOP 10Best Krav Maga Schools in New York City: Top 10

Krav Maga Institute NYC

The Krav Maga Institute NYC is the only fully certified Krav Maga school in New York City of which is fully-qualified to teach Krav Maga all levels including, adults, children, Law Enforcement professionals and also Security professionals. It is of course of the utmost importance for women to learn all self defensive techniques. And the techniques of which are taught at the Krav Maga Institute NYC are skills that are not only highly beneficial, but they are actually incredibly realistic and useful tools. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and highly encouraging, if you are seeking a great NYC based Krav Maga gym, than this is certainly one that may appeal to you.

Top Instructors: There are 11 different instructors at the Krav Maga Institute NYC, and all of which are some of the finest in the country. Regardless of who you end up with in terms of your main instructor on any given day, you are sure to find yourself in good hands.

krav maga institute nyc reviews

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Krav Maga Academy NYC

The Krav Maga Studio NYC is a studio of which is highly regarded for putting the needs of women first and foremost. Krav Maga Studio NYC boasts a number is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable instructor, all of whom can guide and direct your specific needs to whatever it is you are seeking to gain from a martial arts studio. In fact, they are so confident in the skills that they assist to their potential clients, that they even offer free video demonstrations on their website to show some highly sought after skills that anyone can practice, regardless of skill level!

Top Instructors: With 8 highly trained me and women who are some of the most highly experienced Krav Maga instructors in the United States, you can be sure that you are going to be able to obtain all that you are searching for in a Krav Maga studio, and much more!

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Krav Maga Federation

Whether you are seeking to simply shed a few excess pounds or are ready to take the next step in gaining some much-needed self defense skills, the Krav Maga Federation of NYC, based in Chelsea is an incredibly trustworthy stop to hit. The space of the gym itself is massive and the staff are always eager to help. The Krav Maga Federation is easily one of the finest in the city.

Top Instructors: Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi is one of the top, leading experts in the world of Krav Maga, which of course means that when selecting the Krav Maga Federation, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Rhon Mizrachi Krav Maga Federation
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Progressive Krav Maga

With training of which is based upon real life scenarios, it is most certainly of no great wonder why some many NYC residents are opting to select Progressive Krav Maga studios in NYC.

Top Instructors: One Progressive Krav Maga instructor is Tito. Tito has been rated time and again for being a realistic Krav Maga instructor who actually makes learning fun and easy to take a hold of.

Progressive Krav Maga NYC
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New York Self Defense Academy

Active Krav Maga is a studio of that long backs its tried and true roots, while offering their students a secure place of peace and comfort, while being able to take advantage off of all the most trustworthy techniques of Krav Maga, for any skill set and skill level.

Top Instructors: Master Avi Avramcheyiv is the Founder & Chief Instructor of Active Krav Maga 3rd Dan, not to mention the fact that is is also a ShotoKan Karate 5th Dan.

New York Self Defense Academy
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Krav Maga Experts

Krav Maga Experts boasts that their gym was “created to redefine the way that Krav Maga is taught” which truly appears to hold true as all of the instructors at the gym are highly skilled and highly trained under the techniques of Imi Lichtenfeld (the father and founder of Krav Maga).

Top Instructors: As previously noted, all of the instructors are highly trained, skilled an knowledgeable in Krav Maga martial arts, however, the owner and founder of Krav Maga Experts boast a ton of first hand experience with his roots stemming back to his three years of service with the Israeli Defense Forces and having been trained directly under some of the very first, direct students of Imi Lichtenfeld.

Krav Maga Experts - Upper West Side
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Smithtown Krav Maga

With core values of which support the teaching and training of their students relating to hard work and respect, it is most certainly of no great wonder why so many people have opted to select Smithtown Krav Maga as their main go-to gym. They teach their students to be strong and empowered while learning to value themselves and what their bodies can accomplish as a whole.

Top Instructors: Head instructor at Smithtown Krav Maga is Hanshi Michael J. Rosati Sr. can lay his claim to over 40 years of Martial Arts experience, where he is also certified in Krav Maga by Nir Maman of CT 707.

Smithtown Krav Maga Self Defense and Fitness 2
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Krav New York

If you are looking to get directly to the basics of the core foundation and roots of Krav Maga, then look no further than that of Krav Maga New York. Since 1978, Krav New York has been associated directly to Imi Lichtenfeld’s original organization, the Israeli Krav Maga Association (Gidon Fighting System) of which is specifically recognized by the Israeli government to be given full authority for Krav Maga.

Top Instructors: The top instructor at Krav New York is Grandmaster Haim Gidon, who was Imi Lichtenfeld’s chosen successor at 10th dan, and he guides and directs all of the aspects of the Israeli training curriculum within the gym itself.

Krav New York

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914 Krav Maga Training Center

The 914 Krav Maga Training Center is an incredible place to get started if you are seeking to not only just get fit and learn some incredible self defensive techniques, but also if you are seeking to taking fighting to a potentially professional level. The staff at 914 Krav Maga Training Center are incredibly friendly and always willing to help out wherever and whenever needed.

Top Instructors: The training center itself is owned and ran by a champion Muay Thai fighter, Greg Melia. The team consistently is booking pro fights for fighters out of their gym and a lot of up and comers are certainly being presented with some awesome opportunities when they come and train in this gym.

914 Krav Maga Training Center
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Krav Maga Kid

Krav Maga Kid boasts a motto of “minimum movement, maximum damage” and they pride themselves on being able to share with youths the fact that though they may be small, they can still use mind over matter techniques in order to overpower whoever may be attempting to cause them harm. The classes are always incredibly welcoming and bring your child a sense of comfort and pride from the moment they walk into the studio.

Top Instructors: Head instructor Daniel Elyashiv has created an easy to follow and understand method of teaching of which children are able to cling too and fully begin to grasp. He is an incredibly effective and motivational teacher who you can be sure will guide your child to the best of his ability.

Krav Maga Kids

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There are a number of Krav Maga studios located in New York City and the Tri-State area, and with any of the aforementioned top-rated gyms on this top ten list, you can be sure that you are going to be in the best possible hands and trained under some of the best instructors in the country.

If you are the owner of a Krav Maga or any Martial Arts school, or are a representative or personal trainer and would like to be considered for our next ‘best martial arts school list, you can submit your listing to our free martial arts school directory.

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