What is it? Aikido.

Who started it? Morihei Ueshiba

Where is the place of origin? Japan

When was it developed? Late 1920’s-1930

Why should I learn it? Because is it the most simplest form of martial art that uses the opponents strength against them.

Aikido For Self-Defence


Aikido for Self-Defence
Photo by arno notxi

The style itself consists mostly of grabs and throws, useful in a situation when  an aggressive attacker tries to strike you.

Aikido itself does not seek out to harm others. It’s a way of protecting yourself without inflicting a lot of pain to the opponent. Because of this, it is highly ideal for beginners, especially for self-defence.

From what I have seen, some people may disagree with the fact that Aikido is an effective art against aggression. That it is mere arm play. But like in every endeavour, to be mentally prepared is the most important thing before performing a task, even in self-defence. Aikido- just like any another thing you do, requires a great deal of mental preparation, patience and determination. You have to want to not hurt the other person and protect yourself at the same time.

Looking at YouTube videos, you will find that Aikido training seems fanciful, gentle and so effective. Like gliding effortlessly on a river. How can such a style of fighting harbor such strength?

If you want to learn self-defence but for whatever reason you believe you can’t (money reasons, distance from a dojo or the commitment can’t be made) then this is the place which will try to give you a heads up.

There are some moves in Aikido which you can learn by yourself (it all depends on your determination and drive), they are ideal for self-defence. Provided that you practise with an equally strong partner with care not to hurt and damage, (NOTE: do not go out and about attacking people! That is illegal) you can master some simple moves.

Here are five effective and simple moves that will be useful in an attack (especially if you try to stop a bad guy from hurting you or someone else)

(Videos are uploaded by expertvillage on YouTube)

1)     Kick Defence: Kubishime


2)     Atemi From a double wrist grab: Opponent grabs you with both hands, you quickly shift a little to the side to bend their arm and strike their arm with open palm.


3)     Atemi from a bear hug: The opponent grabs you from behind, wrapping their arms around you and trying to squeeze you like a snake would. You knock the middle of their hand, a little closer to the pinkie, their hold loosens a little and you push your hips back, so they fully release you from their hold.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tMgRnkdXEc

4)     Ikkyo from a Straight Punch: Stopping the fist from landing a hit with your hand (grab the wrist of the opponent), twist the hand and with your freehand get a hold of the elbow to push the opponent forward so their back is facing you.


5) Ikkyo from a Lapel Grab: Opponent grabs you by the shoulder with one hand. In a swift motion, you step back,sweep firmly their arm from the shoulder down (make sure it bends their arm), grab their wrist and turn entirely towards your left or right while still holding their wrist. Your free hand comes to their elbow, push it forward till the person’s back is toward you and they are on their knees.


When you do attempt these, just make sure you’re not exerting too much strength, after all Aikido is peaceful and not intended for bodily harm. Your self-defence should be flawless. 🙂

And remember, practice makes perfect. 😉

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