Have you ever considered why martial arts are called arts? If you check the definition in a dictionary, you’ll see martial arts defined as “any of the fighting sports.” That definition is not enough. A martial artist uses imagination and creative skill for an art that can be combative or demonstrative, but it’s profoundly internal as well.

So let’s say that you’ve got your eye on a martial artist and you want to inspire him to grow. Is it the same thing as being a muse for a painter or a musician? In one way or another, you want the same thing: in a room full of art, you want an artist to look at you.

How to Become a Muse for Any Kind of Artist

1. Understand What a Muse Means

Do you know who Emilie Flöge was? Maybe you don’t know her name, but you’ve seen her. She was an avant-garde dressmaker and a lifelong friend of Gustav Klimt. She inspired many of his famous paintings, including The Kiss.

She depicts the traditional characteristics of a muse: interesting, unique, and intelligent. It’s the exact combination of qualities that would inspire a martial artist, too.

2. Find Your Sensuality

If you look at modern art, you’ll notice that the muse is sexualized. A single look at the work of Henrik Purienne and Nobuyoshi Araki is enough to prove that. Keep in mind that their art is just a depiction of modern society. The muse, however, is much more than a sexual object. 

Any woman can be sexual. But being sensual is something different. It’s not so much about the clothes, appearance, and standard norms of beauty. It’s about self-confidence and the ability to seduce someone by talking on any subject. You could talk about the weather and be sensual. That’s the special something that a muse has.   

3. Spend Time with People You Like

The muse may be an introvert, but she’s rarely asocial. A muse will spend time with artists all the time. She’s a socialite, with many friends who turn to her when they need to spend some quality time having fun.

You’ll meet an artist to inspire only if you spend time in artistic circles.

4. Keep Learning

Your beauty alone is enough to inspire an artist only to a certain extent. You need something more. Take Yoko Ono as an example. She was a muse because her intellect and her political values were in sync with those of John Lennon. Their relationship was based on something deeper, and it inspired beautiful art.

Do you know what inspires artists? Conversations. You’ll have a deep relationship with your chosen person. To inspire their creativity, you have to inspire their thoughts. Pull them away from the boring surroundings with your ideas. Learn new things every day and share your thoughts. Deep conversations are highly inspiring. 

5. Remember: You Are Your Own Person

When you’re a muse to a famous artist, people will treat you as their outward projection. It seems like we can’t look at Courtney Love without thinking about Kurt Cobain. But she’s her own unique person, and that’s exactly what made her someone’s muse.

Whenever people ask you about your relationship with an artist, tell them something about your own work and opinions. Don’t forget that you have to express yourself. You’re an inspiration to someone; not their extended projection.  

Just Be Yourself

You can’t become someone else if you want to inspire someone to create. You’re already a unique person, with special interests and great character traits. Just enhance your best side and work on it. Learn more, socialize more, and be a better person. That’s something that can impress other people.

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