The huge popularity of the Ip Man films has led to quite a bit of renewed interest in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The art, however, is not a purely theatrical one like so many other arts. Quite the opposite is true. Wing Chun is a very simple and effective system designed for practical self-defense combat.

After my first Krav Maga online training program review, people kept asking me to recommend something similar for Wing Chun. For those wishing to study  the art, offers detailed learn wing chun online study lessons. Signing up for the lessons at this site may prove to be a very good investment for those interested in starting their journey down the path of becoming a Wing Chun master.

This program is certainly not my first go around with Wing Chun instructional products. I have a collection of old VHS tapes and a lot of newer DVD releases. I have also invested some money in other online training programs and I do have to say is the one I recommend. What makes it among the best online Wing Chun programs is that it has no filler, presents simple techniques, and breaks down the forms quite nicely.

But I highly recommend to read my review first.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Before you can learn Wing Chun online, you have to know what it is first.

To learn Wing Chun Kung Fu entails the study of a close quarters combat system designed to work in very limited spaces. The art is certainly not flowery as compared to other Chinese martial arts systems as it stresses the importance of economy of motion and directly attacking an opponent.

At the core of the Wing Chun system is the theory of controlling the centerline, the imaginary line that dissects the human body. He who controls the will likely be victorious in a skirmish. On a very basic level, the art focuses on the skill of protecting the centerline while attacking an opponent’s. This is the key concept to concentrate on when you learn Wing Chun online.

The Origin of Wing Chun

The origin of Wing Chun is rooted in mystery. While the myth about a young girl named Yimm Wing Chun who learned martial arts to defeat a vulgar suitor has a folkloric charm to it, the real origins of the art were never documented. We do know Wing Chun is a mix of Snake and Crane styles along with a form of basic basic pugilism. To learn Wing Chun online means you will be learning modified versions of these other arts.

To learn Wing Chun means you will learn certain definitive skill sets. Wing Chun is a very scientific fighting system. The focus of the art is based on using an opponent’s energy against him and by dissolving or deflecting attacks. This is why the art has commonly been preferred by those wishing to deal with the serious threat of a bigger and stronger assailant.

The art strikes at the vital points of the anatomy which further allows it to overcome a stronger foe. For those wishing to learn Wing Chun online at home, this info will be very appealing.

All of this information, however, is trivia unless you take the time out to study the art. This is where learning Wing Chun online can be a huge benefit.

The Pros and Cons To Accept When You Learn Wing Chun Online

No one would suggest signing up for online lessons is perfect, but it is a far better option than was the case 20 years ago when you either had to decipher grainy black and white pictures in a book or pay for costly video tapes. To learn Wing Chun was not easy in those days.

The obvious major positive to online lessons is access. Not everyone has access to a qualified Wing Chun instructor. Through being able to take lessons online, the ability to study the art is possible. You do not have to sit on the sidelines or study another art you lack interest in. Online access means you can learn Wing Chun at home if you want to and not have to settle for anything else.

Online lessons are generally straight and to the point. What this means is the lessons are simple and direct, much like the art. In a traditional classroom, you may get a lot of filler material necessary for filling up various class sessions during the week.

Online training also allows you to learn at your own pace. You can slowly break down each and every lesson with a practice partner. Rushing through online lessons is never advisable. Taking the time out to properly perform all the manner techniques in controlled manner will lead to better results.

Drawbacks do exist with online lessons and it would be dishonest to ignore their presence when writing a review. The main drawback would be you have to instruct yourself and, since Wing Chun is based on very small motor skills and precise angles of attack, a lack of an experienced instructor can make learning a lot harder. That said, taking things slowly will lead to better results. Re-watching and re-reviewing the lessons in the program may contribute to building the familiarity required to get the most out of the lessons.

how to learn wing chun kung Fu online at home

The  Online Program

The actual program is broken down into a series of short, easy to follow lessons. While details can be lacking at times, overall, a good insight into what the art encompasses is presented.

The program is broken down into six different lesson plans. Actually, there are three levels broken down into two parts.

The lessons start at Level One and, once again, there are two tiers to the level as there are with Levels Two and Three. The first lesson demonstrates the common self-defense and fighting techniques of the art. Rather than show a number of complex and flashy moves, the technique presented are basic, straight forward, and simple. For someone trying to learn the art via online lessons, this is exactly what you will want to invest time studying.

Plus Level One offers a complete breakdown of the Siu Lum Tao form which is the first form of the art. This form is the most important one in terms of teaching the basic structure required to perform the art.  The form is shown from several angles and this is extremely helpful when trying to figure out the right precision to be employed with the techniques.

The second level of techniques require a bit more coordination and, in some ways, these are a bit more brutal. To help you perform these moves, the Pro Level of the second tier goes into an overview of the second Wing Chun form, the Chum Kiu. There are scores of techniques found in the Chun Kiu but, in general, the form is designed to help teach the basic movements and footwork of the art. More accurately, the form helps you move while maintaining the centerline principle taught in the first form.

Level Three is based on the Bil Jee form and this means much of the offense is quite vicious. Finger jabs and elbow strikes are a large part of what is being emphasized in this lesson. Of course, the Ultimate Level Three section breaks down the Bil Jee form so this more complex form becomes a little easier to follow. The third form frequently deals with recapturing the centerline if it has been taken by an opponent.

How to learn wing chun at home

The Elusive Wing Chun Kid

The instructor on the videos, The Wing Chun Kid himself,  does a good job of explaining the techniques and putting them into their proper context. A common problems on a number of videos is the move is shown, but there is no context (How and why) the move is being performed. Through presenting the right context, it becomes easier to learn why the moves are being done.

Overall, the online lessons do present a basic introduction to the art of Wing Chun that can be built on over time. The one negative with the instruction is a lot of details are not mentioned. Wing Chun is an art based around precision and the flow of energy. The instructor does not delve deeply into this area and that can be quite a drawback at times.

The actual video quality of the learn wing chun online lessons is fine so you will not have to worry about missing any fine points due to lack of clarity in the audio or video. Considering you can re-review the material time and time again, you might pick up on things you missed the first time around. You can watch videos online or even download it.

how to learn kung fu at home

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Wing Chun for the Modern World

The process of how to learn Wing Chun no longer means you must be accepted into a secret club as was the case in Hong Kong 50 years ago. With a decent internet connection, you can now learn Wing Chun online in your own home at your own pace. Thanks to, a solid home program has been effectively developed. Signing onto the lessons can end up being a very important first step on your path to learning one of the most popular kung fu systems on a worldwide basis.

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